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The problem with Les Miserables is you can say it wrong and sound like a douche or you can say it right and sound like a douche

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Hugh “Wee Man” Dancy [x]

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get to know me meme

[4/5] female characters - Kara “Starbuck” Thrace

"You know, the President says that we’re saving humanity for a bright, shiny future. On Earth. That you and I are never gonna see. We’re not. Because we go out over and over again until someday, some metal motherfrakker is gonna catch us on a bad day and just blow us away."


the music on hannibal:

  • classical
  • intense sirens and loud clanging

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"Do you really think she likes me?" Steve said.

Bucky burst out laughing. “Jesus Christ, Steve - ‘do you really think she likes me’? Every time we meet her she looks like she’s doing her best not to leap over the desk and jump you!” He wiped his eyes. “Oh boy, you haven’t changed. You’ve got the body of a god and the social skills of a hamster.”

"So that’s a ‘yes’, then?" Steve said doubtfully.

this fic is cuuuute


A quick sketch for a friend.

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Dr. Chilton stealing the show
"I am grateful that I have trouble digesting animal proteins, as the last meals I have shared with Hannibal Lecter have all been salads."

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I believe a lot of conflict in the Wild West could have been avoided completely if cowboy architects had just made their towns big enough for everyone.

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